Thursday, February 26, 2009

I hate thank you cards

But sometimes I really do get why people send them. Sometimes you just overflow with gladness. You've told them, but it lingers even after they've left. But I'll say it again, I hate thank you cards. The obligation...the one-more-thing-I've-got-to-do feeling...the same words to everyone (They even have pre-printed cards!! Dear ______, Thank you so much for the _________. I'll use it every day! Love, _______ SERIOUSLY bad.). Please know when it comes to thanking me just say thanks. I can't stand the thought that because I did something for someone, they now have this task hanging over them.

But Paul didn't hate them. John didn't hate them. (No, Cassie...not the Beatles. You know...the Apostles? Jesus' friends? Yeah. Now you're with me.) They delighted to write to people about how grateful they were for them. Like they couldn't wait to do it. So there must be something to it. Perhaps...just maybe...their hearts were overflowing with wonder, love and praise. Maybe...just possibly...their words weren't forced but raced across the page as tears of gratitude to their Savior flowed. You think? So, maybe...just the slimmest chance...the problem isn't the cards, but my heart which is so lacking in thanksgiving that I fail at Psalm consider the wonder of God's steadfast faithfulness shown in the marvelous works to the children of men.

Well, given that my heart is overflowing now, let it not be so today. In that light, here's my takeoff on two guys who really got it right in Philemon 1:7 and Philippians 4:10-20 to some people who really blessed me today...
I rejoiced and marveled in the Lord greatly this afternoon that now after so short a time you have revived your concern for me. Not that I should be speaking of being in need, for I am painfully and joyfully learning in whatever situation I am to be content. I long to know how to be brought low, and...even more difficult to learn...I long to know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I pray God will teach me the secret of facing being able to eat out one day and having no money to go to HEB for milk the next week, being able to buy a truck one month and not being able to even host friends for dinner. But I know...deep inside, I know...I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

But even though what you gave was extra...just icing really on what God is already doing in our was so kind of you to think about be moved to share my trouble. And you, our brother and sister in Christ, you yourselves know that in the middle of football season, when I was so very low, no one else saw me...really saw me and felt moved to enter into partnership with me in giving and receiving, except you only. Even in during the holidays you sent me help for my needs once and again.

Not that I seek the gift (though feel free to keep me in mind anytime the Spirit moves!), but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit. I have received full payment, and more. I am well supplied (overflowing actually), having received from you the gifts you brought over, which will be a fragrant offering (when cooked anyway!), a sacrifice, acceptable and pleasing to God. And how amazing is it that my God and yours will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus so that you may abound in more good works from love for Him. To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.

P.S. I can not tell you how much joy and comfort fill my heart from your love, my friends, because the hearts of my girls have been refreshed through you. That means more to me than I could ever say.

Thanks for helping today.
It meant to me that I was seen. Nothing brings me to tears faster than that.
I love you, too.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update on the last post

ESPN picked up the story and gives us a look at those involved with the game between DeKalb and Milwaukee Madison...