Saturday, March 7, 2009

Worry free

Me with Katharine and Emma Kate

What a joy it was to have the Williams (minus Lauren and Henry) with us this past weekend. It was so much fun to see the girls play together. It was encouraging to hear how God is working in the lives of those faithful, excited saints at Christ Chapel. It was sweet to sit next to them again in worship and under the Word. It was full of reminders of how far the Lord can take you in four short years...which was a reminder to me to press on to see how much He might be willing to do in four more.

Katharine is a real gift to me. She's running right with me. She's passionate...loving...encouraging...willing to be open to what the Lord might do at any time in any way. I found myself sad yesterday that we're not right beside each other every day...and grateful all at the same time that I had any time at all with her. She and another couple of friends are those that I can just be with... unremarkable except to love each other. Just walking buddies. I treasure them.

It was also good to sit with Katharine and talk about kids, husbands, friends, life, the Word, prayer, schedules, family and to talk about God in all of it. I love it so much because Katharine has a real gift for being able to pull God lessons out of daily stuff. She sees so often how we are or should be or should not be by watching her kids and mine. I love it!

One example from the airport. We got them to DFW right at the time the plane was supposed to takeoff. Usually a bad idea. Not that day. Her mom had called to tell us to check the weather because Atlanta was experiencing terrible weather...snow, rain, sleet, back to snow. Lots of flights canceled...many more delayed including theirs. So, instead of 5:30pm departure, we're at 6:15pm. Until about an hour into the drive to the airport when it was changed to 7:30pm with no let up in sight. Yeah! was what I was thinking. More time with Katharine is always a gift from my Lord. Sorry, John was the other thought. I knew he'd have to be at the office to see patients at 8am regardless of what kind of night they had.

We're in no hurry when we arrive and but the lines are pretty long at the ticket counter. We get them settled in through the downstairs curb-side check in pretty quickly (thank you, Lord for that idea!) but by that time the flight's been moved to 10:30pm!! That means that they'll arrive back in their home town by about 4am. Oh. Sigh...but...that does mean we can leave and get dinner!! Again, if you've gotta be stuck, it's good to be with people you love.

By the time dinner's complete and we're back at the airport we still have a couple of hours to kill...with a small child in tow and Brennan brought nothing to pass the time except a book. What to do? Not even a concern for those two. Emma Kate and Brennan had the best time together. They tossed rolled-up socks to each other and played a soccer-style game after that. Emma Kate performed cheers and tumbling for her adoring audience. They flew paper airplanes of four different types (I love my husband.) for what seemed like an hour. They made sock puppets out of other socks and markers. (What's the cost of a pair of socks for a time like this?) They spun in circles...rolled across the floor...played chase...crawled everywhere... and giggled, giggled, giggled.

Throwing airplanes

After a while of us talking and watching, Katharine leaned over and quietly talked to me about what she saw. Never once did EK seem bothered...put out...bored...worried. She was thrilled to be where she was. She was with her family and friends. If they're okay, she's okay. She wasn't worried about schedules. How she'd do the next morning at school. All that she needed to get done. She was fine being where she was until her dad said Come on. It's time to go.

I know you see it already. Katharine did. We need to be like that with our Father, don't we? Settled in...right where He has us. Not worried about what's to come or whether we're in the right place at the right time. Happy to do what we're made to do...wherever we are...with whatever we've got. I need to show the same trust in God that EK showed in her parents. He's got it, doesn't He? He knows what to do. He can move anyone at anytime to do anything. And I've got stuff to do, don't I? Learn His Word, love His people, display the Kingdom, call to the dying. None of that includes worrying about the trip. Yeah. A good one for me.

We both sighed together...hummed our agreement...settled that truth a little more deeply inside for a quiet moment...and turned to another topic. But I carried it with me as I drove home so Wayne could sleep. I settled into the drive...into the morning...into my week a little better because Katharine saw God through a child's laugh.

Miss you.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Why stop at 25

Yes. I'm on facebook. And if you can see me here then you already know that. If you can't and can relate to this video...feel free to send a friend request. If you find yourself laughing in recognition? Seriously. Find another friend. Cassie would love you.

I just want to know when a pallet is headed my way

The problem with large numbers especially when it comes to money is that it all seems so fake. When the news tosses around thoughts like "the stimulus package may exceed $8 trillion"...what are we supposed to do about that? Most of us have proved that we can't handle the $50,000 that we get paid much less something that's 20,000,000 times that. Then there's all those fantastic people in Washington who can't manage to pay their taxes even though they are the ones who passed those IRS codes into law. Seriously.

So, how do we get a handle on what a trillion dollars looked like? Well, around here we use a cash system for a lot of our purchases...just save up some money and literally hand it over in cash. (The look on their faces is so much fun to watch. You can really tell that cash is a disappearing commodity.) I say that not so you'll figure out where we are and rob us blind...though Hebrews 10:34 comes to mind...but to tell you that I know what a lot of cash looks like. (Well, a lot to us anyway.) But even our yearly salary bundled in hundred dollar bills would only stack about 2 1/2 inches high. Kind of puts everything in perspective. All we work for doesn't stack very high. And even if we work and work and work for 100 years straight, you'd have about 4 stacks all of about five feet high. A little disheartening frankly.

This was brought sharply into focus this morning with this post by Justin Taylor who found it from a guy...who found it from a guy, etc. I've seen it on several spots, but it never fails to startle. Click here to see what it looks like when those folks in Washington toss around figures like one trillion dollars.

Can I take my pallet home please? Half a pallet? One stack? Please?

Monday, March 2, 2009

We're going to be in the Hudson

One last post (probably!) on the Hudson River landing. The video below is an animated reproduction of the flight with audio from the cockpit. Amazing to see what it was like to watch it happen and to hear the calmness in the voices of those involved.

For what it was like inside, see my posting of Andrew Jamison.

HT: A Boomer in the Pew