Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why blog?

Because sheep follow sheep and that's what everyone else is doing?
I truly hope not, but probably a grain of truth in that.

Because I've got so much wisdom to add?
Would only take you a short time in my home to see differently.

One reason that presses me is my three girls...17, 12 and almost 11. Every day they ask the same question: Can I get on the internet? Or the variation: Can I check my email? I'm slow, but have finally picked up on the fact that this generation connects, listens, learns, engages via the internet. My oldest, Cassie, even turns in most assignments online. Never even hands in a hard copy. It's another world out there. And I have a strong suspicion that my girls are reading this now when they never would have if I'd have written it down somewhere. (Hey, sweetie!)

But it's not just those three. I also love their friends like Molly and Lindsey and Elizabeth and Sarah and Lauren. And I love young women in my life like Alli who getting married Saturday (!) and Katie. And by God's grace there are also some women just a few years older than those who God is blessing me with being around. And what they all have in common is that computers have been around their whole lives. They can barely remember a time before cell phones that you didn't need a carrying case for. This is where they are, where they live, where they learn.

So, it's also my hope that those great younger women in my life will chime in and post comments. That you'll bring to this blog your perspective on our world so that some of us older women will know better how to follow our mandate from Paul to train you to love God and love your families and love with your homes. We know what to tell you (well, we're working on knowing what to tell you!), but how it comes to you, what medium it takes, where it's applied, what language it's spoken in can make all the difference. I pray that this blog might be a part of that...with your help.

Most personally though, my desire springs from hearing those who come before me like Paul who wrote that he worked harder than all the rest...though, of course, it wasn't him but the grace of God within him (1 Cor. 15:10). I realize that I have spent more time reading and hearing from others who are working hard at this life with God than working to engage others through the internet. I have become a passive learner here. I click Mozilla, surf around, hum with some, scoff at others and work at nothing.

But it is by the grace of God that I am what I am. The last thing I want is for that grace to have been in vain. I want to work hard...though not I, but the grace of God that is within me. I want to take the talents He's given, not my abilities, but the contextual talents of Matthew 25 and use them for a great return for His Kingdom. I've been given much. He requires much. I pray this blog works hard for Him, for His people (esp. His women!), for His fame.


Linda said...

Love, love, love that you are doing this. I want to share your wisdom with friends. Also, I can whine and not be talking to you, you make me cry!!:) Love you,

eileen said...

I'm so glad you are doing this! I can learn more about His Book & a new way of teaching that computers are allowing us all to share.. Matthew 25:35.. ..hungry & you fed me; thirsty & you gave me drink; a stranger & you invited me in..
You are truly feeding us all!!!

I Love You!!