Friday, May 23, 2008

If God gives you time

Kid's Edition!

I thought it might be fun to link to some stuff the girls and I have found on the web. There's a lot that should be just for kids, but Wayne and I love games, so a lot of this may be more my favorite stuff than theirs!

The first one is to help us as well as our kids. It's a puzzle map where you place country names on a picture of those countries. It's limited to North Africa up to south of Russia and north of India. I think they put it together to help the kids during this time of war to know where all these places are. But I think it's a great tool for talking about missions because it lists Nigeria, Sudan, Chad and other places where God is working.

Xerox sponsors a site called Let's Say Thanks which allows you to send a free postcard to U.S. military personnel who are stationed overseas. Just pick a card, write a short message and hit send. Easy for the kids to do on their own. The girls do it over and over again.

NASA has some amazing stuff all over their numerous sites. One we really love to look at is called Image of the Day. It has astounding photos as well as artist's renderings. You can click to look at any of the 700 images in their archive. There's also a site for playing games that teach about everything from the water cycle to earthquakes.

One of my girls favorites places is the American Girl store. I'd rather shop online for their clearance stuff! But they do like to visit the games, stories and other fun stuff to do at the page called Fun for Girls.

So that boys (or girls like mine who love sports) get equal time check out the NFL Rush website. While it is a continual commercial for NFL, there's also a lot of fun games to test skills on. You'll also find player profiles, see clips of games and be able to check out where the nearest flag football program is in your area. You can also find out how to play the game so that come football season you won't have to ask why the guys in the striped shirts keep dropping napkins on the field.

One of our favorite game places is called Yeti Sports. Created by a bunch of guys in Austria it features games like Penguin Tossing, Flamingo Golf and Yeti surfing. We love it for wasting time. You do have to register in order to play, but we've not received anything from them after doing so over a year.

Finally, I asked the girls to tell me what their favorite You Tube clip is. Laughing babies almost won the top spot until they remembered this one. I will admit it was cute the first time, but not nearly as funny to me the 40th as it was to them. They said they've watched it over and over and laugh just as hard. It takes all kinds...


eileen mom nana said...

Tell the girls that Papa & I love their video choice! I will check out all the games as you know I do have a minute during the day to 'play' and I am tired of the crossword puzzles.. I love you!

Kim said...

They're glad you like it! They say they've got some others to show you! You may be getting a rash of you tube links in your email!

So glad Merle is holding are on the way. Pop ups are the newest card craft around here! Praying for you all...