Thursday, May 1, 2008

With love from Brennan

This is my little girl, Brennan. She saw a TV spot for Locks of Love a while back and then was inspired by our friends in GA last summer. So, she's been growing and growing and growing her hair out.

Last night was the night! Once again, I'm so taken aback by how their looks change when their hair is cut. She doesn't look like a little girl in this shot to me. Good news is that she loves her new "do"!

We're all so proud of her and so very grateful not to hear the words that greeted us each morning..."Could someone help me brush my hair??"

P. S. from Brennan...Hi, Nana! Love you!


eileen said...

Brennan! I am so proud of you! Glad you love your new do! It is precious but where did my 'baby girl' go?? I love you, too! Bunches!

Katharine in GA said...

WA-HOO Brennan! You blessed a little girl somewhere with your beautiful hair!! And you look so cute! What a sacrifice of time and patience to watch your hair grow for someone else. Way to go. I only wish I could see it in person!
Love and Hugs from all of us.

Kim said...

Thanks! I love my hair!
Tell everyone I said hi. I can't wait to go back and see y'all!
Love, Brennan

Linda said...

Brennan, I am so proud of you. You held on to your conviction, and are helping someone. What a sweet girl you are. I love you.