Friday, January 16, 2009

If God gives you time

You've got to check out the Cake Wrecks site today from the side bar to your right. The post today is one she often does which compares what people asked for from bakers...and what they actually got. Makes me feel better about my own wedding cake disaster.

Stephen Altrogge and his dad, Mark, run a blog called The Blazing Center which challenges me every day. (They are also listed to the right in the blog roll.) Today they are giving away lots of really good books for free to those who subscribe.

So, if you are saying to yourself, Subscribe? What? Again, here's a primer from Google.

One of my favorite guys to listen to is Ligon Duncan from Jackson, MS. I actually read him more than listen to him because he is one of the few that posts the entire text of his sermons online. A few days ago he blogged answering the question how to pray for your pastor. You'll really appreciate this list of ways and I know many pastors who would be humbled and grateful if we would pray for them in these ways.

Not to be outdone, I found this list from John Piper written in 1995 that answers the question What should we pray for? How about praying like the early church prayed? If this list is any indication, they took prayer more seriously and spent more time doing it than we do. See what you think.

And in the "what we really need is more time wasters" category...these are a couple of our family's newest fascinations...Eyeballing Game...and Bubble Shooter. That last one relaxes Wayne. Whatever.

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