Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Man of few words

Posting something's been on my mind, but not in my schedule lately. Doesn't mean I've been off the computer though. Much more a consumer than producer...sounds like the country as a whole, huh?

But this is worth the time to me. I am amazed by those who can say a lot in a few words. Those that know me well know why. It would only take a scanning of this blog to catch the drift. (And yes. I do know what Proverbs 10:19 says. Thanks.) That's why I admire blogs like 22 Words and also why I'll never, never be a Twitter-er or whatever you call yourselves.

That's also why I've been amazed and blessed by the work of Dr. David Murray over at the PRTS blog. Yeah. I had no idea what that was either. I found out that it's a seminary in Grand Rapids, MI...which was a surprise because I assumed from listening to the posts that I was watching some guy from his house in Scotland. Nope. Just another part of a great Scottish invasion for which I thank God. If you don't know what I mean get started with two guys who've been such a help to me this past year, Sinclair Ferguson and Alistair Begg.

Okay. See what I mean about the words? All that was just to set up this...Dr. Murray posts videos that are just a few minutes in length, usually about two, which point us in the right direction and provide so much to think on. This post from March 30 was called Children's Guide to the Tabernacle. Apparently, he was teaching on it and was challenged to put the truths that we learn about God from the building of the tabernacle into language that a child could understand.

You must watch the video. I wish I could embed it, but it's not coded and Ray's not here. (See below!) Here's my transcript of it with references...but put a little...okay, a lot...of Scottish brogue into the words as you read. And then click over and spend only 1:46 of your day being amazed at what the Lord was telling us in all those details of Exodus 25-30. Join me sometime in reading again through those passages we skim over. Take your kids through it and stand amazed with me that God would do so much to initiate a relationship with us.
Recently I was asked by a Sunday school teacher to provide a kid's guide to the tabernacle. Quite a challenging project, but in summary, here is my suggestion for summarizing the teaching of the tabernacle to young children.
  • First of all, the Tabernacle as a whole says God lives with sinners.
  • The Brass Altar says God saves sinners.
  • The Laver, the washing bath, says God cleans sinners.
  • The Show Bread says God feeds sinners. (Or actually, more deeply, God communes with sinners because the table and food were really a symbol for fellowship and communion. So the show bread says God communes with sinners.)
  • The Lamp, God enlightens sinners.
  • The Incense Altar, God hears sinners (as a type, of course, of prayer ascending).
  • The Ark of the Covenant, God covenants with sinners or God promises sinners.
  • And then we think of the Veil which covered the Most Holy Place which was eventually ripped in two in the temple at Christ's death...which says God is open to sinners now.

UPDATE: Thanks, Ray!!


Cassie said...

wow this is so cool! haha i love how simple truth can be! guess what! i sorta blogged today…mostly an apology for not keeping up…but I blogged…I’m not going to keep up but I thought I’d get on…I mostly wanted to post my poem thingy…but that’s all…and I’m going to make a new blog for my C. Photography…coming soon! I love you!

Ray said...

Kim, you're too funny! If you right click the video on the site you linked to and click "watch in Vimeo", there's an embed link on that page.


Does that help?


Kim said...

YES! My own help desk...love it...now about those drivers...one of these days...