Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ESV Update

I just got an email today from the folks who are doing the ESV study Bible. I didn't realize that their pre-sale of 35% off ends Thursday (May 15th)! That puts the hardcover one at about $33 and the leather ones at just under $50. (Instead of $50 and $75) Of course, you can always opt for the "premium calfskin" for a mere $155! A steal considering that it was originally $240!! As my mom and sister, professional shoppers, would tell you: It's not what you spend...it's what you save.

You can also download and read the introduction to the book of Luke by Wayne Grudem.

Have I mentioned how much I love Grudem?? As you can see in the sidebar, he's a favorite of mine to listen to. I also highly, highly recommend his Bible Doctrine book. Also, he's put together a book called Christian Beliefs which is simply Bible Doctrine for younger believers. It's a great primer on foundational beliefs. Cassie and two of her best friends are meeting together to go through it.

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