Monday, May 5, 2008

Thinking about Mother's Day

Part 1

We had our final kid's choir practice at our church in preparation for Mother's Day. This has put me in the mom frame of mind. So, I thought this week I'd share some fun, some touching, some ironic, some challenging and some much needed reminders.

On the fun side, I read this posting at a blog called Ordinary Mother. She's a lot like most of us...esp. Angela since she's got three boys and one girl! She says herself that her blog is full of the musings of a Christian, wife, mother and homemaker. She's a touching writer. When I read her list (below) I thought through some of mine which I'll add at the end.

I've been thinking a lot about pride and humility. I thought this post captures one of the tragedies of my life in a way that is funny while it exposes. I am the person I don't want to who looks at others and think: What's wrong with them? Can't they see the right way? I want to become the woman who knows deep in her heart that I am the biggest sinner I will ever know. Credit that thought to C. J. Mahaney...I'll write more on that later...for now, enjoy...

I really wish I had been taught more about the doctrine of indwelling sin before I had kids. Perhaps an awareness of pride in my heart would have kept me from thinking the following: “I’ll never be one of those moms.” Oh how pride goes before the fall, and in my life it has looked a little like this.

  1. I became one of those moms when my toddler twins screamed bloody murder at the Target because they couldn’t have the bouncy ball they wanted.
  2. I became one of those moms when I just couldn’t keep up with the runny noses in February.
  3. I became one of those moms when my kids did eventually begin eating pop tarts for breakfast, and frozen chicken nuggets for dinner.
  4. I became one of those moms when after asking my son if he had changed his shirt today, he responded with, “no, this is only the second day I wore this one and it doesn’t have anything on it.” And I was okay with that.
  5. I became one of those moms when during my third trimester of pregnancy with Maggie I yelled to my boys, “If you make me get up off of this sofa, you are really going to be sorry!!!!” and then five minutes later, “I really mean it this time!” and then five minutes later “I am telling you boys – you are really going to regret it if you don’t obey mommy!” and then five minutes later “wait till your father gets home!”
  6. I became one of those moms when I was excited to be alone at Wal Mart on a Friday night.
  7. I became one of those moms when I owned at least seven pairs of pajama pants that aren’t worn just for pajamas.
  8. I became one of those moms when at 3pm I realized I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet.
  9. I became one of those moms when I was on a date with my husband and the “let down reflex” resulted in two wet spots in not so discreet places.
  10. I became one of those moms when I bribed my kids with lollipops every time I took them to the mall.

For me...I became one of those moms when:
  • nachos at a football game became dinner.
  • candy at 9:30pm on a Friday night while the band plays became a tradition.
  • sleeping in whatever they were wearing when I managed to get them inside the house later at 1 am was more than acceptable.
  • the three second rule applied to more than pacifiers.
  • asking my 6 year old to babysit so I could get a shower seemed like a perfectly logical thing to do.
  • anything that would keep them busy long enough to get dinner was good with me.
  • we skipped Brennan (our third) right past baby food and went almost straight to table food!
Got any you'd like to add?


Laurie said...

These are great additions to my list which could have gone on and on. Like now that I homeschool, I have a whole other group of categories. "I became one of those moms when I considered the trip to Target a field trip." "I became one of those moms when my daughter learned her letters and sounds from a leap frog DVD." :)

eileen said...

I became one of those moms the Saturday morning we had Ron's baseball game to get to at 9:30 and pictures to be taken at a photographers at 9:15 am.. a couple of extra things happened on the way to the photo shoot that we won't name and breakfast was whatever the concession had to sell.. but it is now my favorite sweet 'memory' pic!!

Cassie said...

Hey Nana it's Cassie! I wanna know what happened on the way to the game!

eileen said...

Cassie ~ remember the stories your Mom tells about Grandpa; well, on the way to the picture taking we saw Grandpa somewhere he should not have been.. Aunt Paula said "there's Daddy" to which I replied "no, it can't be, he's at work" and we went on to the photo shoot and ball game.. God gave me a lot of "Trust Me, My Child" prayer answers during those days! Psalm 91:2 was used a lot! But at 63 looking back on my life.. such happy memories come spilling out!