Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You mean your kids go to public school??

A much needed word for me (and maybe a few others!) from pastor Josh Harris of Covenant Life Church. He's addressing a general meeting of his congregation and spends 6 1/2 minutes on a topic that divides so many within the church. Prayerfully listen and ask God to change us all...


Esther Lao said...

Oh, how I miss those CLC family meetings! Thanks for sharing this. I feel like it relates really well to what we've been studying together in Philippians about unity for the sake of the gospel. I am thankful for the way he addressed this issue biblically. Looking forward to Friday! And thanks again to the girls for such a FUN time this morning -- I think I enjoyed it morme than Matthew! :o)

Kim said...

Is it right to say that I miss what I've never had?? I teared up just at his tone, demeanor, pastoral care, entreating, calling everyone up to such a higher place. It made me wonder what kind of track programs they have around there!! (No, mom...not really. It's cold there!)

I'm grateful, Esther, to see where we'll be launching you off to! What a fantastic place to be.

And no...the girls say THEY had the best time today! Thanks for enjoying them. Looking forward to Friday!