Tuesday, June 3, 2008

But, Lord, look at all my books!

I love books. I love reading. But I love my husband more. So even though it might look like I'm making my way down the same road as this couple...I promise, Wayne, you can keep the manure shed.

(You can fast forward to 45 seconds to skip the introduction.)

HT: Challies.com


Katharine in GA said...

i can hear you thinking of a road trip, please make your road trip to Georgia, i'll get you a few new books!

Kim said...

Since the girls get tired of following me around Barnes & Noble, I'm thinking we won't make that trip anytime soon! Besides you're worth much, much more to us than a bunch of old books!

But I will admit, it looks like fun to me!

eileen mom nana said...

I want to go! Let's see, Brennan will graduate in 7 years & I will be 70 ~ great birthday present to me!! I could even load up some dozen or so to take to them...
When I started filling a cabinet at the office with books; well, thank goodness Mr. G reads as much as I do & does not mind them sitting everywhere... I love you..