Friday, June 6, 2008

Think Veggie Tales meets The Office more...

I was asked to tell what we'll be doing at the clubs...

The clubs are held around our area in the homes of our church members. They are asked to canvas the neighborhood to invite kids from their area, esp. those that they consider un-churched.

Our youth come in and put on a mini-Vacation Bible School for them with games, skits, a Bible story and Gospel presentation. This happens for four days. On Friday our church hosts a big cookout at a local park with games, inflatables, etc. in hopes of having all the kids and their families attend. We share with the parents what we've been doing and then give one more gospel presentation.

The theme this year is "Treasure Hunters". The kids will help write the skits this week with the help of a very gifted theater teacher, Kristi Easley. We've already begun brainstorming because the skits will show the difference between the captain of a ship who is putting together a crew in search of his long lost treasure and Jesus. Think of Steve Carrell as the captain with a "yes" man (Dwight) and a guy who is actually normal (Jim/Pam) as the crew! Mix in a little "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" and you've got the picture. So the stories are:
  • Monday - the calling of the's not about what you can do to measure up (captain makes the crew show off their skills)'s about what Jesus does in you
  • Tuesday - healing of the paralytic who was brought to Jesus by friends...captain doesn't know what he's doing, how to sail or even how to read a map...Jesus knows everything, even what is in men's hearts and can give us knowledge of Him
  • Wednesday (water day) - Jesus calms the storm...storm hits and captain tries everything to get it to stop (think Jonah story)
  • Thursday - review of stories from previous days along with the shortest parable Jesus told about a man who finds a treasure in a field and in his JOY sells everything to have it...Christ is worth whatever it takes to find Him. The captain has led them on this perilous journey which ends with them finding a completely worthless treasure (think: long lost stuffed parrot).
The final day is really the most critical for me. I want the youth to be able to tell this one from their really look at these little ones and tell them that Christ is worth it. He's worth them giving up weeks for training. He's worth the loss of money they could have made as many took time from work to do this. He's worth giving up their very lives.

Pray with me that this would be the first of many times in their lives that these high school kids will believe this...that Jesus is worth whatever it costs. Pray for me that I would go first in believing this and showing it in my everyday life.

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