Friday, May 30, 2008

If God gives you time

Well, Aisley room is painted...curtains, bed skirt and pillows are sewn...only thing left is hanging the stuff on the walls. Which means we'll be able to rest this week? NO! It means Brennan can finally hear "yes" to the pressing question, are we going to start on my room now?! So, I won't have time for these things, but maybe your house is different. I hope you get a minute!

I found online a place where you can read some of what Wayne Grudem has written. He's the guy who wrote Systematic Theology which I love and use all the time in understanding key doctrines. He is a professor at Phoenix Seminary and is now hard at work as the general editor of the new ESV study Bible that's due out in October 2008. Check out some of his online articles here. You can also hear him teach his systematic theology class at the link to your right.

A touching look at the memorial service for Maria Chapman:

C. J. Mahaney has written three posts on the very timely subject of vacations. (You have to scroll to the bottom and work your way up.) But it's written for dads. This makes it a little sticky for us. If you pass this along to your husband, I don't want to be responsible for the "discussion" that breaks out! So, here's what I suggest. Why don't you read it. If you think it's worth a read, tell him what it is that you see he's already doing great at. Tell him that you know that he longs to be the dad God wants him to be and you can already see so much that you are grateful for. THEN, if he's still in a good mood and seems interested...have him click this!

I just learned of a website for those who love to listen to books online. It's called LibriVox and it has a catalog listing that is unbelievable! Austen is there...Dickens, Emerson, C. S. Lewis...the list is huge. Certainly enough for those longer car trips this summer...if you can still afford the gas!

And in the "oh, my is this funny" category...I loved this posting from girltalk. (Nancey, you have my permission to print this for Wayne. Tell him that I said even though he's 80, it's never too late to learn!)

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