Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thanking God for Tuesday

We enjoyed a long weekend here that makes Friday seem like a week ago. In the last three days, we:
  • went to the University of Texas in Austin where Cassie had qualified for state in choir with her solo
  • drove to San Marcos to the Pottery Barn outlet...which really has outlet prices unlike so many others...and got the girls new bedding and room stuff
  • drove to Fredericksburg to celebrate my in-laws 45th wedding anniversary and have dinner
  • church the next day which was Senior blessing for the grads which, of course, made me cry thinking about next year for us
  • training the youth for our Backyard Bible clubs
  • shopping for fabric for curtains, bedskirts, pillows, etc.
  • rearranging beds, furniture and wall stuff in the younger girls' rooms
  • cleaning out, cleaning up, donating, giving away to friends, throwing away (my favorite part...the girls' least favorite!)
  • shopping for Cassie's new bed and mattresses
  • doing the same rearranging, cleaning, etc. to her room
  • weeding, mulching in the flower garden (which grows grass much better than the yard)
  • taking a couple of hours to see the Indiana Jones movie with Wayne...while telling myself that if we're going to pay that much, I'm not going to fall asleep (thought it was fun, far fetched and ridiculous like it's supposed to be!)
  • and finally ending the night making these for a friend:

I love a weekend where we're all together and have lots to do, but I'm usually struggling to catch up on everything that I didn't get done. But not today! God has given me a gift of a house alone! The girls are off babysitting up the street. Wayne and Cassie are off to school. And I have had a great morning of being able to spend a couple of hours praying over Colossians and asking God's guidance for writing the study...doing some laundry...drinking a homemade Iced Chai (thanks again, Cass!)...praying for Cassie who is waiting to see if she made a performance choir...shopping for groceries...talking to friends...

Wait...that sounds like another busy day, but it feels like a day off. Perspective is everything, isn't it? Maybe I need weekends not to be times of rest. Maybe they need to be times of working hard and long so that my normal days are filled with greater gratitude to my Father!


Anonymous said...

Hey, good looking cupcakes! They were a hit....as usual.

eileen mom nana said...

I love the "cakes"! Amazing!
I thought I had the weekend to 'end' all others but you beat me... I love you.. Glad you had a morning off...