Saturday, January 10, 2009

Walking partners

Thursday after Bible study some great women asked me to join them for lunch. Not that big of a deal, though I don't do it often because we've got school work waiting on us at home. What made it special is they are women I've been walking this journey with for 10 years but don't see so much now. You know how that is, right? These were the women I talked to every other day at least. The women whose children mine played with. The women I cried with, complained to, prayed with...who listened...laughed...hugged...helped. Just walking together through this life.

But the kids grow up and start school. Jobs are begun. One goes back to college. One becomes an aide at her elementary school. We still attend church together, but that's 3,000 people. Gets hard to see each other much less catch up. You still love each other. Still smile when you see them. Rejoice at the big stuff. Call over the hurts. But not the day to day stuff.

Then Thursday I saw them across the room after the study and they made their way over to exclaim that they're crashing another friend's house and I need to come. Too good to pass, I admit it...I wanted to see Angela freak out at all of us showing up unannounced! Yes. I'm that friend. And yes, she did. Kept cutting me looks that told me how much I'd be hearing about it later. Fun, fun, fun. Truthfully, though, Angela loves people so (though she'd like a little heads up from me next time!), she was very glad everyone came over.

As I sit here now, I was reflecting on how easy it was to be together. How different everything is around us and how much the same it is when we all sit together. We caught up on the various issues which have moved from potty training and spanking vs. timeout to college plans, teen attitudes, dating and cars...and whether the gray hair should be left alone or colored! (I still can't decide what I'll do when that hits...can't really see the hair coloring making the budget!) And we talked about what it's like when God starts you over on that road when you least expect it! Yikes.

They know me. They know what I'm like, what I like and what will set me off. They know my fears and my struggles and what to ask that hits right at my heart. They remind me of former days and how much Christ has taught me. They encourage me, challenge me and poke fun of me all at the same time. They are still working hard to honor the Lord. They are still pressing on to serve their King. They still love their husbands, bless their children and do good where they go. Isn't that such grace?

So, we sat for a couple of hours...talking, eating, monitoring little ones (okay, a couple of them are younger than me), probing, questioning, advising, encouraging, and laughing, laughing, laughing. Though only Angela has remained as a daily presence (for which I am so grateful...), I am overwhelmed by the grace of friends. They remind me that I'm not alone. That this body was given to make sure we all get there. Their faces reflect my Savior's...their words spur me on in the race...their joy makes my heart glad...their sorrow makes me more aware of everything outside of myself. But most of all, they remind me that we are all in this together. What a treasure it is not to walk alone.


eileen mom nana said...

That is so true ~ I went to lunch with Sandra yesterday. We had not been together in so, so long & yet it seemed like we had just talked! She is going along the same roads as I at the same time and it was wonderful to be able to just talk once again. God is so good to place just the one thing we need to do each day right in front of us... if we open up!

Angela Richardson said...

Just want to make sure everyone knows that you can truly drop in unannounced...:) I enjoyed everyone's company as well and it was an encouragement in the middle of a hard week!!

Laura said...

Hey Kim. So glad to find your blog. I love finding new blogs to read!